chocolate biskit

chocolate biskit

Around 3 years ago, my mama brought back 2 containers of what looked like chocolate squares for Chinese New Year.

“What’s that?” I asked..

“Chocolate biskit, ordered from a Malay colleague.” my mama replied.

Being a greedy sort, I immediately tried 1 piece…and fell in love. The texture was biscuity but it was coated in what looked like chocolate icing, topped with chopped almonds. It was pure bliss, biting into one. I couldn’t stop at one, of course.

We ordered from my mama’s colleague for the next Chinese New Year as well. Then a year or so ago, she told my mama she was no longer selling these biskits. Oh no…so my mama asked her for the recipe. We waited. And waited. And waited somemore. Finally just this Friday, my mama text me with the happy news – she got the recipe!

Needless to say I was bustling around today getting the ingredients and equipment. Lucky thing is, I was heading to the eastern area via the east-west line of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and so did not get caught by the stopped service between Newton and Marina Bay stations. I started off around 9.30am and around 1pm when I was making my way home, the service was still not up yet. Guess they were checking and double checking to ensure the fault that caused the transportation chaos on Thursday was fixed.

Anyway, back to the topic. To make this biskit, one has to have a baking tray with about 2 inches depth with removable separators. Each tray should ideally have around 36 squares. This makes it easier as you do not have to cut up the biskit when it is done. I presume if I tried cutting it I’d end up crushing the biskit beyond repair. I was kind of worried as the instructions given to my mama (the Malay auntie dictated and my mama copied down before typing it out later) were vague. I was fully prepared for a disaster and to have to throw everything away.

It worked! Very well too! 🙂 I am so delighted I managed to get it right. Thank you mak-cik!

I’m not posting this recipe as I did not get her permission to do so. I can accept orders though. Haha! ;P


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