vanilla biskit & sour cream blueberry cookie

It’s a rainy day today in Singapore. I love baking on rainy days. Cool environment helps prevent my crazy weekend headaches. I have no idea why headaches love to visit me only on weekends.

I charged down to Phoon Huat at Clementi to grab some ingredients. After the success of the chocolate biskit, early this morning when I woke up, what popped into my head was, how about if I tried it with vanilla? I was missing several ingredients so off I went. To my dismay, the MRT transportation chaos was still not over. Today the east west line was affected as well. Service was supposed to be up by 10am, as reported in the news, but around 9.30am, commuters were told service would only resume at 11am. Standing at the bus-stop waiting for the bus, I noticed there were many unhappy and confused commuters. Many were making phone calls to friends complaining or explaining the reason they were late.

Still, I think we should be considered fortunate compared to many other countries. Though this is a serious situation, it really doesn’t happen often. In fact, this is the worst since MRT started operations. Hope everything will be fine by tonight.

I mentioned getting my 1/2 pound vanilla bean order from Beanilla the other day. Finally opened the sealed pack today and found 1/2 pounds equals around 50 fresh beautiful Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Wow! I bought a 750ml Absolute Vodka and started off with my own vanilla extract. Also used 1 bean for the vanilla biskit test today.

The vanilla biskit turned out well. Topping was slightly a bit too sweet so will have to tweak that the next time I make this. It looks, to me, slightly like the Middle Eastern pastries.

My mum’s comments: Topping sweet (as mum doesn’t like sweet stuff..)

My dad’s comments: Bite the biscuit must be careful. Biscuit like want to “fly off”. (He means it crumbles..Dad, it is meant to be like that..zzz)

I had some blueberries and sour cream left so I decided to make sour cream blueberry cookies. I found a recipe from here. The finished batter was really quite sticky. I used full fat sour cream instead of non-fat. The texture was more cake-like than cookie, though the taste was really good. I reduced the butter to 113 grams and the sugar to 190 grams.

My mum’s comments: Nice texture. Are you sure it’s a cookie?

My dad’s comments: Weird cookie. Think it’s a cake. Taste is good though.

For the rest of the batter, I poured it into muffin cups and baked it. I had to increase baking time to about 25-30 minutes and reduce the oven temperature to around 140 degrees Celcius. The resulting cake was really good. It had risen well and was fluffy and light. I think it makes a better looking muffin than a cookie! Wonder could it be the sour cream…or maybe something I did wrongly…


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