gingerbread cookies

My first gingerbread cookie! 🙂

I had made the dough 2 days before and chilled it in the refrigerator. I read somewhere you have to let the spices rest to get the flavor into the dough. The smell when it was baking was amazing!

The dough turned out a bit sticky and not easy to manage, especially when cutting with a cookie cutter and trying to arrange it on the baking sheet. I really had to flour the dough a lot to make it work. The cookies had this floury look, in the end.

Taste wise it was pretty decent. Not sweet, gingery with a hint of cinnamon and cloves. I am happy with the result! I think I shall attempt to make gingerbread cake next time round.

Recipe is from Martha Stewart. I followed the instructions and measurements exactly, since this is the first time I am making gingerbread cookies. The only note to myself is to sprinkle more sugar on the cookies. Without the sugar, the cookie was slightly plain in taste and the spices may overwhelm a little.


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