lime meltaways

I was surfing around for recipes when I chanced upon this one from The Little Teochew.

Wow! Lime! Melts in your mouth! I had to try it! It sounded exactly like what I love..sourish sweet stuff.

The original recipe came from Martha Stewart. Truly amazing she manages to come up with such interesting recipes! *Salute*

Thanks to both ladies, I managed to make my lime meltaways. Mine are not as pretty of course. Still have not managed to figure out how to make the log of dough look nice and round. I was trying my best for 10 minutes to get the creases of the parchment paper out of the dough log, gave it up and just refrigerated the log, ugly and what not.

Later read on Martha Stewart’s website that to narrow the log, use a ruler to press along the edge..hmm..*thinking hard*. The only other thing I can think of is to use a cardboard outside the parchment paper, roll into a log, tape it then chill it with the cardboard securing the shape. Sounds workable but I know it may not be. I shall have to try it next time. 

Taste wise, this meltaway is a little bit too sour. Those who do not like sour products, do not attempt this. Good for digestion though! LOL!


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