great chocolate chip cookie

Our company is off for today and I had made plans to pick up my Xmas gift from him with him (sounds weird but my gift requires his trusty car to pick up), followed by a round of looking at properties that we could buy.

He was only free in the afternoon so there I was, twiddling my thumbs when I woke up at 8am. Read the papers, went on the net and still, time crawled. My nephew X was here, so I decided to bake some cookies to send off with him for my sister. X doesn’t eat much and most times when you ask him you want eat this or that, his answer most times is “No, thanks!”. Like my sister says, it’s easy to feed him. The little man likes simple stuff. Good for my sis! 🙂

The recipe was from the Great Book of Chocolate by David Lebovitz. I got this recipe from 101cookbooks and some Ghirardelli bitter-sweet chocolate chips were sitting in the cupboard, calling to me to be tested. I never used this brand before but heard it was great, so gave it a go this time.

Wow! A chewy cookie full of chocolate chips with the slight fragrance of toasted pecans. The recipe gave an option of walnuts or pecans. Never tried pecans before so another first for me. Nice~~

I finished baking by afternoon and galloped off to pick up my Xmas gift from him. Tada~~isn’t she a beauty? I’m in love….


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