strawberry thumbprints

A new year, a new beginning. It’s been almost a month since I started blogging about baking. It’s pretty satisfying, baking in the weekends. I think I slim down slightly, due to all the hours of standing and mixing and lugging heavy bags full of ingredients back home.

Slimming down aside, I’m glad I started this baking and blogging. Time passes so fast when you’re busy with something. I used to spend my weekends in front of the computer, watching movies. Watched until eyes were so tired and yet I couldn’t sleep well.

Now, after a day of baking, I sleep like a baby. 🙂 If I never had to worry about money, I believe I would spend my time baking. The million dollar question is: Who would eat my baked goods? Hahaha. My poor friends and family, I guess. I imagine when they get a call I’m coming with food, they’d quickly run.

The problem with leisure baking is giving away the stuff you make. Sure, they will eat a couple, but the recipes usually churn out quite a bit and even if I took a calculator and did my maths and did a 1/3 portion of the recipe, the quantity that comes out can still be quite daunting. That is provided the recipe still works after doing the portioning. Sometimes some recipes cannot work as well when portioned down. Hence Mondays or Tuesdays you’d see me lugging all the baked goods to the office to distribute.

Well, with the strawberry thumbprints, I didn’t have such a problem. The recipe made around 30 small bite-sized pieces only. The dough is really pretty easy to make. I found this recipe from Sinfully Spicy and decided to try it. Taste wise, the dough alone is a bit plain but once you put on the jam or nutella or whatever catches your fancy, it is just right.

I found the dough has a bit of a ‘floury’ taste. I think it could be the strawberries I used were not as rich in taste. I used Korean strawberries and did make 3 tablespoons of thick paste with them but still, it didn’t manage to mask that ‘floury’ taste. I think it’d be better to use US brands instead. Though slightly sour, at least you could mask the ‘floury’ taste and I can always increase the sugar to offset the sourish strawberries. US strawberries are really red and beautiful but usually quite sour, when you buy them in Singapore. Perhaps they picked the berries before fully ripe in order to ship and sell here in time.

I used french four fruits preserves, elderflower jam and cream cheese frosting to fill in the thumbprints. The last choice is because I had some cream cheese frosting left over. Wonder of wonders, the cream cheese frosted ones actually tasted pretty good.. O.O


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