japanese christmas cake

One of my favorites in YouTube is Cooking with Dog.

It is this fantastic Japanese chef with her cute french poodle sitting next to her, cooking up all the wonderful Japanese cuisine. They’ve won many fans and also quite a number of awards.

I saw the video of her making a Japanese Christmas Cake and was immediately hooked. I wanted to try it! It requires very basic ingredients yet with quite precise steps. Cooking with Dog instructions were very clear and I noted it all down.

The cake was, well, somewhat a success. Mine was a little too dry due to over-baking. Actually I followed the instructions to bake for 23 minutes in a 350 degrees Farenheit oven but I didn’t have a 7 inch round pan. Mine was 8 inch and I was using non-stick pan, so I didn’t put a parchment paper in. So I would say it’d be enough to bake this cake for 18-20 minutes, test it and if it’s done, take it out and let it cool.

I am still very elated that the cake came out well. Slicing the cake in half to decorate, I observed the inside was nicely aerated and the cake had risen well, though no baking powder or soda was added. That meant I did it right with the beating of the eggs. So happy! 🙂 To me that is an accomplishment as this is the first layer cake I’ve ever attempted. I really appreciate the efforts made by video bloggers teaching cooking!

Thank you very much, Cooking with Dog, for your wonderful video instructions! Please keep the videos coming! 


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