buttermilk cookies & buttermilk biscuits

I’ve always been fascinated by the term “buttermilk”. I used to think it was something fantastic to drink. It brings to mind a creamy buttery tasty drink. However, the reality is, it is sour. Really sour.

Buttermilk is actually the liquid formed after butter is churned. Many recipes use this and quite a lot of them from the Southern part of United States. Buttermilk biscuits, buttermilk cakes, buttermilk chicken etcetra.

Last week I tried red velvet cupcakes and for the first time used buttermilk. I really prefer this to using sour cream in cakes. It does not make your cake as sticky the next morning. In Singapore, humidity is always high and I found cakes made from sour cream turn sticky pretty quickly if you do not refrigerate them.

These soft buttermilk cookies were fantastic. Soft and cake-like in texture with a buttery taste. I used President brand butter for this. The recipe was taken from Food.com. I reduced the sugar to 190 grams and it was just right. The frosting, however, was super duper sweet.

I do not think I will make frosting for this cookie next time. Without the frosting, it tasted just fine. Since I still had some buttermilk, my second baking for the day was buttermilk biscuits, also from Food.com. This one was not a very successful attempt.

I added a bit too much buttermilk and the batter was incredibly sticky and hard to handle. The recipe did mention the batter should be very wet but then it said to cut into rounds using a round cutter. How to cut? The batter was so wet the only thing I could do was scoop up a handful and plunk it on the baking tray.

It did make 10 biscuits. Oh well. The texture was far from what I anticipated, with Popeye’s biscuits in mind. Sigh. My mum likes it though.


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