elvis presley’s favorite pound cake & honey buttermilk bread

The King’s favorite pound cake? Oh my, I must must must try to bake this!

I found this wonderful recipe from Epicurious. Looking at the comments from other bakers, it seemed like the cake was way too sweet. Hmm..the King likes it sweet!

I followed the advice given and reduced the sugar and the eggs. The cake is light and fluffy on the first day. It is hard to believe it is a pound cake. My previous encounters with pound cake were dense cakes which are slightly oily.

The next day, it was a little more moist than yesterday but still tasted great.

I did not have a 10 inch tube pan or bundt tin and I do not think it will fit in my oven. So I used a loaf tin and 2 other small cake tins. A mistake I made was to use small cake tins with removable bottoms. I know it was stated not to do so but I had no other available tins. The batter leaked out a little and resulted in a cake that had not risen as fully as it should have. There was a thin half inch of denser darker looking strip near the bottom of the cake. Taste was also less fluffier than the one in the loaf tin.

Another problem was likely because of the pan sizes used against the amount of batter (I did kind of fill it up quite a bit), the tops of the cakes were really cracked.

I’ll be making this again soon and I will buy another loaf tin. No removable bottom. No filling up to the top.

Finding myself with extra time and extra buttermilk which was expiring soon, I made a honey buttermilk bread. The recipe was originally from BakingSheet. I followed the instructions mostly except the buttermilk I had left was short by about 1 tablespoon. I took a risk and added 1 tablespoon of cream, leftover from the pound cake above.

I made 2 types, a loaf and 2 rolls. The loaf was brushed with egg and the rolls were brushed with milk. Loaf top is a bit burnt because I didn’t position the foil properly.

I’m not too sure if it is because of my improvising, but the texture of the loaf bread was more chewy. My dad said his jaws got tired chewing it. 😛

The rolls were much better, likely because it was smaller in size. Brushed with milk, it was lightly golden brown and had a wonderful milk aroma that the egg-brushed loaf did not have.

A frenzy of a baking weekend..and I have so many baked goods to lug to work tomorrow….


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