cheese pineapple tarts

Goodie 2 of my Chinese New Year baking program is cheese pineapple tarts. I diligently searched the web for suggestions by other bakers, then came out with my own concoction. How was the result?

Well, it is manageably nice. There is something missing which I cannot identify. I shall have to ask others to taste.

The pineapple filling was from Ailin Bakery. Following my sister’s suggestion, I added 1 can of Lee’s pineapple juice to the filling and cooked it down. This was to make the pineapple filling slightly more tart in taste and improved in pineapple fragrance. At least, that is what I think my sister said.

So now another red lid plastic bottle has joined the first.

Yeah..I can just feel the countdown starting! One more week to Chinese New Year.


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