pineapple tarts

I’ve been conducting an experiment with butter. Last week, I made pineapple cheese tarts with Elle & Vire butter. This week, I made closed pineapple tarts with Lurpak butter and open pineapple tarts with SCS butter.

The verdict? Surprisingly the open tarts made using SCS butter were the best! The other 2 brands were terrific too but judging by the price, I would think that SCS butter wouldn’t yield as good a result.

The closed tarts made with Lurpak tasted pretty good too but the smell and taste of the open tarts really won me over.

To be fair, the ingredients for the pineapple cheese tarts could have ‘neutralised’ the normal fantastic butter taste and smell of Elle & Vire. I’m not sure why but I feel the tart slightly tasteless. Just a passable taste, not as spectacular as I would expect.

The recipes for both open and closed pineapple tarts are from Little Teochew. I really prefer the open tart buttery melt-in-the-mouth pastry.

Take a look at one of the thickest crust open pineapple tarts ever. LOL. This was not done on purpose but was due to the tart mold. If the pastry was not thick enough, the design would not appear at all. Thank God this is for personal consumption…


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