yam cake & elvis presley favorite pound cake bundt version

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a cake recipe that uses purple yam. Purple yam, as the name suggests, is totally purple inside. In Asia, yam means taro. In US, yam means sweet potato. So since this recipe originated from Philippines, it meant taro.

The cake looked so gorgeous! Take a look here and you’ll understand my obsession to find purple yam (ube). I even went so far as to gallop to Lucky Plaza and ask the Filipino grocery shops there. No luck. Sigh.

My good friend R said her mum bought purple yam from Larkin in Malaysia. Next time her mum goes there, she said she’ll let me know.

Anyway my dad went to the wet market to ask about purple yam and got fleeced into buying a normal yam. The seller insisted the yam was purple and that my dad was delusional. Even if purple yam existed, Singapore does not import this! Bullying the elderly..

So there I was with a huge yam on my hands. I steamed and mashed it. I had a recipe for sweet potato cake in my files so I took that and modified the sugar and replaced the sweet potato with 120 grams of steamed yam. I baked the cake in a 7 inch tin and muffin tins. The cake tasted really good. Success!

Oh yeah, as mentioned in my last post, I baked the Elvis Presley Favorite Pound Cake in a bundt tin. Here it is. No cracks or anything. Fantastic!


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