sugee almond cookies & lavender cupcakes

Sugee cookies are my all time favorite cookies. The nutty sweet sandy crispy cookie with just a tang of saltishness really tastes so wonderful.

This recipe is from Little Teochew. Yeah, I get a lot of recipes from her blog. She’s one of my favorite, you know. 🙂

Our company starts work on Friday. Since last Saturday, I have been baking like mad. I really seem to be spending my Chinese New Year break doing loads of baking. Today, I am finally tired. If it could speak, my poor oven would probably call the union to complain about overwork.

This morning I defrosted some cupcakes I made a week ago for my sister’s party today. I made 2 flavors for her – lavender cupcake and vanilla cupcake.

The lavender cupcake smells so good. When eating it, you’ll get the lavender fragrance with every bite. It does take getting used to, since I always associate lavender with hand creams, bath gels and room sprays. Haha. The recipe did have some lemon zest in it, but the lavender kinds of overpowers the lemon.

I chose not to frost the lavender cupcakes since I overfilled the liners. Anyway most of my family members and friends don’t like frosting, so I thought to give them an unfrosted choice at this party.

The vanilla cupcake was unfrosted and real ugly so I didn’t take any pictures. I tried to make a salted caramel frosting but the recipe didn’t work out for me. The frosting was so runny, I ended up trying to “fix” it by adding more icing sugar. Added up to at least 2 cups more and still the icing didn’t seem right. I gave it up. Maybe it was the butter, maybe it was the caramel or maybe it is just me. I threw the whole lot away and made a lavender buttercream frosting instead. It was a really simple frosting, just butter, icing sugar and lavender milk.

Lavender milk was made by infusing 3/4 teaspoons of edible dried lavender flower in 1/2 cup of whole milk, bringing the mixture to a boil then turning off the fire and letting it steep in a covered pot for 15 minutes. This frosting looked okay. I even added 3 drops of violet food paste into the icing. Since the party was at 3pm, I didn’t frost the cupcakes but asked my parents to bring them to my sister’s home and frost it nearer to the time. 

I hope it turns out well. *Cross my fingers and toes*


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