corn muffins

Corn muffin has always been one of the main highlights of eating at Kenny Roger’s. About a month ago, I was having dinner with my sister at Kenny Roger’s and was reminded of this wonderful muffin. I decided to search for corn muffins recipe and was trying to find one that stated Kenny Roger’s corn muffin recipe. No luck.

I found this one instead.

These corn muffins pictured are made with 2 types of cornmeal. I acted smart and decided to mix 2 parts fine grind cornmeal with 1 part medium grind cornmeal.

The Chinese Singaporean Hokkien have a saying that translates: Smart is good enough, don’t act smart. This describes exactly how I felt with the result of the mixed cornmeal. Why? Everyone who tasted this went: “Hey, it’s not cooked.” or ” The corn is not cooked.” or “What is that weird stuff I’m chewing inside? Something gritty. You sure it is cooked?” You get the picture. There were many other comments in this general direction. I got tired of explaining it was the medium grind cornmeal.

So a note of caution, the recipe is wonderful but please use fine grind cornmeal. Don’t act smart, like I did.


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