roasted chestnut cookies

I spent part of my Saturday happily processing expensive Japanese roasted chestnuts. It is really expensive, to me, but worth every single cent. How expensive? The damage was S$35 for a 550 grams packet of Japanese chestnuts from Osaka. I did get for free about 200 grams of smaller sweet Japanese chestnuts. The 550 grams packet was from a different variety. It was larger and tasted not as sweet. I asked the lady promoter was it because sugar was added to the smaller chestnuts when roasting? She replied: “No no, it’s a different tree”. Such a sweet lady. 🙂

For S$35, you can usually get 3kg of normal roasted chestnuts. My sister thought I am wasting good chestnuts by using them to bake. “Just pop them in your mouth and eat it!” was her comment.

Every bit of these chestnuts was precious, so I carefully pried everything from the shells, then used a new mini food processor and pulsed it to a fine texture. The processed chestnuts were then stored in a ziploc bag in the fridge. All the work was in preparation for this wonderful recipe I found here. The original recipe was from Smitten Kitchen.

I didn’t want to add cinnamon into the cookies, so I followed the recipe from Table for 2 or more. I used top flour instead of cake flour, added 1/2 tsp of pure vanilla extract to the creamed butter and sugar and 1/4 tsp of sea salt to the flour mixture. I ended up with only 73 small balls of chestnut cookies of around an inch diameter.

Cute aren’t they? They look so much like small potatoes. The aroma of the chestnut and butter baking in the oven is wonderful. These need to be coated in icing sugar.

The taste? Melt in the mouth with the richness of roasted chestnuts. Nice!


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