avocado pound cake

Wonderful avocado..a healthier alternative to butter.

I found this recipe from At the Baker’s Bench. She made a lime brown butter frosting to go on this pound cake. I didn’t frost the cake. I really don’t much fancy frosting.

Reading her blog entry, it is really interesting to note the history of avocados! So amusing, to think that the shape of avocados caused such a stir back then.

I followed the recipe mostly, except for reducing the sugar and replacing buttermilk with creme fraiche. I also didn’t manage to get 1 1/2 cups of mashed avocado from the 2 medium sized avocados I bought.  

The cake tasted pretty amazing. The creme fraiche added a slight nutty rich aftertaste. The fine cornmeal added biting texture to the cake but I would say old folks don’t really like their cakes to have gritty stuff inside. Though I made doubly sure to use fine grind cornmeal this time, it still had the gritty bite in the cake. I had to explain my way, as usual, and when I gave the cakes to my dear friends, I made sure to warn them that it was not eggshells in the cake. LOL.

One thing though, how does one keep the batter from browning slightly? I made sure to quickly pour the batter from the mixing bowl to the cake tin and bake it immediately. Heck, I even drizzled some lemon juice as I was mashing the avocados. The batter still turned a bit brown and as you can see from the picture, the cake is not really very green inside. Why? This was due to my improvising and switching the buttermilk? I thought the lemon juice would do the trick.

Anyone with any advice to a noob baker?


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