roasted chestnut cake

This weekend is the last weekend to go visiting for Chinese New Year.

Today I am invited to my good friend Ah Boy’s home. Why do we call him Ah Boy? Because he has a wonderful persona that resembles a boy, rather than a man. No no, he is absolutely normal and brilliant. It is just he manages to keep up a cheerful child-at-heart character that is really so rare nowadays.

I met him when I was working in the auditing industry. In fact, most of my good friends come from that period of my life. They are a bunch of caring, warm-hearted and loving friends. It is impossible to cultivate good relationships that become lasting friendship with working colleagues now. Most are all selfish, think-for-themselves type of people. Most expect your help but when you need help, conveniently disappear from your horizon.

This roasted chestnut cake was baked in anticipation of Ah Boy’s invitation and is my own creation. Unfortunately, as you can see from the picture, it failed a little. The bottom of the cake did not rise very well. Initially I thought it was because I was greedy and added too much ground roasted chestnuts. Then I baked a pound cake using the same loaf tin and the results were the same..the ‘heavy bottom’. So this could be due to the loaf tin I was using and not the absolute failure of my creation. Haha. Tastewise it was nice, but the sugar used should be slightly more.

 I will tweak the recipe a bit and make this cake again using another tin before confirming the recipe and posting it.

Wish me luck!


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