natural red velvet cake

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I made this wonderful cake using a natural red velvet cake recipe I got from Big Bake Theory.

This recipe has some preparation to do for ingredients (grating, juicing, puree etc) and uses quite a number of different ingredients. Ms. Ashleen went through a lot of experimenting to perfect this recipe for making really red velvet cakes using all natural ingredients.

The normal recipes for red velvet cakes will call for a lot of food coloring to be added in. So if you’re baking for your beloved, like I am, you can try this recipe. Though it is more troublesome compared to the food coloring kind of recipes, the end result is worth it.

My cakes didn’t come out as red as those pictured in Ms. Ashleen’s photos. I think it could be the amount of beetroot puree. I added around 170 grams and used Ghiradelli all natural baking cocoa but the red color escaped me. I got a more brownish red color.

I made some cupcakes as well and frosted them with the italian meringue buttercream. Heavenly combination.

Tastewise the tartness of the raspberry did mask the taste of beets somewhat. Combined with the light buttercream, it was a good match. I did reduce the sugar by quite a bit. 500 grams is really too much to me. ;P

For the cake decoration, I coated the cake with the italian meringue buttercream first before coating with whipped cream and finally piping some italian meringue buttercream stars and decorating with Wilton valentine sprinkles.

The recipe yielded 2 heart shaped cakes of about 6 inches each and 8 small cupcakes. One cake is for my dear friend A and her hubby to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. Another cake is a gift for A’s beautiful sister & family. Some cupcakes are for another dear friend P and her hubby. As for him, I gave him cupcakes too, since the cake version needs to be refrigerated and he does not have access to a fridge till he gets home late at night. Oh least he gets to taste the buttercream.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day with family and friends and your beloved!


2 thoughts on “natural red velvet cake

  1. Hi BeeBee, Happy Valentine’s Day to you!
    Your Valentine’s day creation looked so elegant! Must been a busy period for you, having to prepare so many Valentine’s Day bakes for your friends! 🙂

    • hihi! happy belated valentine’s day to u n ur dear..yes, was quite busy baking. glad my friends enjoyed it! hope u had a great celebration with ur dear too! 🙂

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