custard puffs

My mother loves to eat custard puffs. I remember when I was young, she used to buy a box of huge custard puffs from Polar Puffs & Cakes. At that time it was considered a luxury.

Now custard puffs are not considered to be fashionable food. The hot favorites enjoyed by children nowadays are handmade rock candy, cupcakes and macarons. 

I found this custard puff recipe from My Kitchen. The instructions are not very detailed though. I have another puff recipe in my files from Baking Mum. Her instructions are quite detailed and really useful to a custard puff novice like me.

The result, as you can see from the picture, still needs much improvement. I was utterly delighted to see the puff baking wonderfully and turning out beautiful. It was light, airy and soft.

The custard though, needs more work. The instructions said to cook the custard until it was thick. My problem was figuring out how thick was thick enough. Mine turned out a bit too thick and was light green instead of yellow. I kept thinking what I did wrongly, then I remembered when hard boiled eggs were overcooked, the yolks sometimes turned green at the outer edges. So I must have added the yolks in too early and cooked it for too long.

Green color notwithstanding, the taste of the custard was acceptable. ;P

My mother thinks the custard puffs are a bit hard and the green color a bit weird. >.<  She was comparing my custard puff with my good friend R’s mother’s custard puffs.

“Mother, you can’t compare mine with hers! She’s a master at baking! This is my first attempt!”

But she appreciates my labor of love for her. 🙂


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