chocolate buttermilk cupcakes

I bought an extra large open star tip from Phoon Huat. I was wondering how to create those beautiful swirls I see so often in cupcake photos. Then I found this tutorial when surfing about for cupcake decorating tips.

It motivated me to find extra large decorating tips to try. I can’t find the extra large closed star and french tip but I’ve ordered mine from Cupcake Social. I’m breathlessly waiting for their arrival. Teehee~

In the meantime, armed with the large open star tip I found, I tried my hand with a chocolate buttermilk cake recipe from Tish Boyle which I found from Little Teochew’s blog. I frosted this with a chocolate italian meringue buttercream. This is the same cream I made previously which I had kept frozen. I defrosted it, then beat it in the stand mixer for about 3 minutes before drizzling in around 30 grams of melted Valrhona Equatoriale chocolate.

I had reduced the sugar in the cake recipe since I was not using bittersweet chocolate. Paired with the frosting, the sweetness was just right. Without the buttercream, the cake would have been a tad too overwhelmingly chocolaty and not sweet enough. So if not frosting and not using bittersweet chocolate, if desired, I believe it would be best to reduce the sugar at most by 50 grams or so.



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