sugee cake

Some time ago, as I was chatting with my gorgeous friend C through WhatsApp, she mentioned her mother-in-law sometimes bakes sugee cakes.

Hmm. I’ve tasted sugee cookies and find them great. I love the nutty sandy taste and I’ve successfully made some before. But a sugee cake..hmm..

Interest piqued, I started my search for a tried and tested sugee cake recipe. There sure are many on the net!

Essentially sugee cake is a butter cake that includes semolina into the batter. This results in a fragrant buttery taste. The addition of either ground cashews or almonds increases the richness and complexity of the cake. The cake uses more egg yolks than whites and this gives the cake a signature moist rich flavor.

I found the recipe on Bootsprints in the introduction for the Delicious Asian Baked Treats cookbook. The instructions are quite precise and the tricky part comes in on the folding of the egg mixture and the flour mixture to the butter mixture. It is really quite easy to overmix, resulting in a heavy cake.

I followed the recipe, except I mixed the butter semolina mixture the night before and let it sit overnight, covered in cling wrap, in a cool dry place. I also sprinkled some sliced almonds on top of the cake for decoration.

The texture of the cake is crumbly and due to the chopped almonds, there is some crunch in every bite. It is my first time eating a sugee cake so I cannot judge if this is good. 😛 It is incredibly fragrant and rich and one slice goes a long way. Like mentioned by many, this cake is to be shared and enjoyed! A great cake to be shared over tea, with good friends and beloved family.

Thanks C, for the sugee cake mention…


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