fluffy vanilla cake

When I first started baking again around 3 months ago, it was because of my search for a real vanilla cake. Unable to find real vanilla cakes for sale, I decided to make my own.

3 months down the road, many bakes later, I return to the starter of my baking madness (some say obsession). The real vanilla cake…

I got this recipe from Sweetapolita, who makes such amazing creations and who is gorgeous as well. Talented and beautiful with a handsome husband and beautiful children..sigh..envious! 😛

I reduced the sugar as usual. But I think the grams measurement for salt in this recipe is slightly off, since it resulted in a sweet salty cake for me. Hahaha. My sister took one slice and went, “Is it supposed to be salty?”. 3/4 teaspoons of salt should be 3.7 grams instead of 5 grams.

The cake is incredibly fluffy and crumbly and..there is no other word to describe…delicate, if a cake can be called delicate. Since only egg whites are used, the fragrance of the butter and the vanilla extract is quite prominent. So when making this cake, you do have to use good quality butter and vanilla extract.

In conclusion, this is a good cake to bake, frost and decorate, besides the usual sponge cakes. Just don’t use too much salt….:)


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