sweet yam bread

That has got to be one of the ugliest loaf of bread any baker has seen. Hahaha.

But I’m feeling pretty satisfied, since this is my third attempt at making bread.

This time I followed a recipe from Honey Bee Sweets88. She is a very talented baker and I like her easy-to-follow instructions. Now the reason the bread loaf is ugly is entirely my own fault, not hers. I didn’t read her instructions properly on the shaping of the loaf.

I was feeling too happy that the bread seemed to be turning out fine to notice that I was supposed to fold 2cm from the edge of the dough, roll it out, then roll it into a swiss roll.  I didn’t roll out before rolling to swiss rolls. Hence the thick sides… 😛

Ugliness aside, I love the taste! Fluffy and moist. I’d love more yam though. The sugar on top was liberally sprinkled by me as I love the taste of sugar on the bread. I should have used much coarser sugar though. Aside from this, I also brushed milk on the bread instead of doing an egg wash. This bread was done at night and I couldn’t think what to do with left-over egg wash, since I don’t eat breakfast…

To make this bread, I sweated and kneaded my way to window pane stage. Great upper body workout! 🙂 I love bread making!


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