flour’s banana bread

Flour Bakery & Cafe is located in Boston and one of the famous item they sell is banana bread.

This banana bread recipe was provided to Food Network and I have been wanting to give this a try, seeing that it was a recipe that used oil and not butter.

I reduced the sugar and used canola oil and creme fraiche. The resulting batter gave me a start, since it was kind of liquid. I placed the tin in the oven half-heartedly, thinking I’d somehow ruined this and was trying not to get all bothered about wasting the ingredients. In fact before I stuck the tin in the oven, I was contemplating adding some flour in an effort to ‘rescue’ what I thought would be a doomed case.

Thank the Lord I did not. If I did, it would once again be a case of me acting smart. Hehehe. The banana bread turned out great! While it was baking, the aroma of cinnamon and bananas was wafting around the kitchen. My mum sniffed appreciatively and went, “My, that smells good.”

About 45 minutes in the oven, I took it out and tested it with a skewer. Though the skewer came out clean, it felt slightly damp (I could still see some slight jiggling on top) so I stuck it back in for another 10 minutes.

The banana bread is wonderfully moist and soft in texture. There was a slight hint of cinnamon and walnuts provided chewing texture. All in all, a wonderful banana bread recipe. If you’re a banana lover, do give this a go.

But..why is this called a banana bread? My concept of bread involves yeast. Haha. This seems more like a banana cake, though not as rich as the fluffy banana cake I attempted sometime back.


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