chocolate stout cake

This has got to be the most fantastic chocolate cake I’ve tasted yet! Moist, crumbly, chocolatey…

At first I was worried the taste and smell of the stout would be too strong for me. I do not drink alchohol very frequently. In fact I seldom drink alchohol unless called for during occasions. I’ve never tasted stout yet! Let’s short list of alchoholic beverage tasted includes beer, ale, champagne, campari, singapore sling, sake..does mirin count? Hahaha.

Amazingly, the stout enhances the taste and flavor of the cake. It does not overshadow, but rather complements the chocolate in the cake very well.

For this cake, I brought out all the big guns. Valrhona cocoa powder and Valrhona Guanaja 70% cocoa chocolate was used. The result is one big chocoholic’s fantasy come true!

Try this, you’ll love it! Double the recipe and make 2 loaves! Your friends and family will praise your brilliance!

Recipe is from TasteFood. I skipped the whiskey cream. The chocolate stout cake by itself is good but the whiskey cream probably makes it better, I know. But I don’t drink often…okay okay, one step at a time. Next time, maybe. 😛


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