chocolate guinness cupcake

I am on a Guinness campaign. Wahahaha. Actually, the reason I’m making this cupcake today is entirely because the smallest bottle of Guinness stout I could find in the supermarket is 330ml.

The pound cake yesterday used 125ml. This one uses 250ml. Hmm..that means I am short by 45ml. Ah, no problem. In my world of leisure baking, anything goes. I substituted with milk. *wink*

The taste is fantastic. The batter is rather liquid and a bit lumpy looking, but I went ahead and baked it and it was good. I filled the cupcake liners up to almost 3/4 and it gave a nice rounded top, except for the first batch which had a slight hump in the middle again. I guess the oven temperature was a bit too hot.

I got this recipe from Just Putzing Around the Kitchen who adapted it from Lauren Couch.

look at the moist texture...yummy

I didn’t use the whiskey ganache and the Bailey’s buttercream. Instead I made a batch of vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream to frost. In anticipation of the frosting, I reduced the sugar for the cupcake to 250 grams  and used Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Oh yeah, I finally managed to get the right decorating tip to make the beautiful swirls I see everywhere on everyone’s blogs. It’s Wilton 1M open star tip and I love love love love love it! 

Please do try this fantastic adult cupcake soon. It is really simple to make and fun to decorate! I do not taste stout at all. What registers on my tastebuds are the buttery smooth buttercream and the rich chocolate taste. Enjoy!


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