new york times chocolate chip cookies

Warning! Dangerously addictive super chocolaty BIG cookies coming up!

Prepare to drool~

An army of 5 inch cookies! These cookies are the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve tasted so far.

This brilliant recipe is the infamous New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie by Jacques Torres. It intentionally calls for lots and lots of dark chocolate discs or feves to be used in this recipe, uses an unusual combination of cake flour and bread flour and requires at least 24 hours chilling time in the fridge. The larger than norm size is required for one to experience the decadent “out-of-this-world” chocolate explosion. Anyway, which dessert lover wouldn’t love a 5-inch cookie? I’d gleefully trade my lunch to eat 2 of these..heehee.

The result of patiently twiddling your thumbs while the cookie dough is chilling for 24 hours, is a thick, chocolate intense, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside cookie that blows your socks off. As my dad puts it: “This is one dangerous cookie. It tastes so good, so wonderful you’ll love it. But dangerous as it is as fattening as it is tasty!”  Well worth the twiddling and fidgeting!

I did reduce the sugar called for in the recipe by my usual 30% and used Valrhona Guanaja 70% chocolate feves for this recipe (yes, all 567 grams of it). Upon tasting, because the chocolate used was dark chocolate, I thought the sugar could be a bit more but my parents insisted it was good enough. When I make this again, I think I’ll reduce it by perhaps 20% instead.

Here is a cute thank you photo from my colleague, who snapped the cookie I gave her on her iPhone 4 and edited using an application. It is appreciation like this that keeps me wanting to bake!











I baked 12 cookies tonight. I’ll bake the rest tomorrow night, when the dough has chilled for 48 hours. It supposedly tastes better the longer it chills, all the way to 72 hours maximum. Can’t wait..(Starts twiddling thumbs)


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