sweet potato pound cake

I love sweet potatoes. Especially freshly roasted ones. They smell divine, taste wonderful and are full of goodness!

On a trip to Jusco at Permas Jaya, Malaysia, I spotted a booth near the food court selling roasted sweet potatoes and roasted chestnuts. You should have seen me…I did a road runner dash to the booth and promptly bought 1 yellow skinned huge sweet potato and several smalIer purple sweet potatoes. I used to think purple sweet potatoes were the best…until I tried the yellow skinned one.

It tasted so so so much better than the purple ones! The flesh is orange, sweet and not as fibrous as the purple ones. It also tasted much richer and in short, it was divine.

Anyway, on a return trip to Jusco, I bought 2 yellow skinned ones, removed the skins, mashed the flesh and froze it. It was such a sacrifice..I would have much preferred devouring them. But I had in mind to make a sweet potato cake or cookies or…

This sweet potato pound cake recipe is from The Dutch Baker’s Daughter. I reduced the sugar to 70% of the total flour used and increased the mashed sweet potatoes required. I had far too much so I thought to use more.

As expected, the cake turned out much more dense due to the extra sweet potatoes. I could taste a hint of the ginger powder and the slight scent of cardamom but not much orange scent. If you like your cake fluffier, keep to the amount of sweet potatoes in the recipe.


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