pumpkin butter cake

Happy April Fool’s Day! 🙂

This recipe is from Table for 2 or more. Since I first spotted this recipe around 3 months ago, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Last Tuesday, whilst happily shopping at NTUC Fairprice Finest, I bought some Japanese pumkins.

I like pumpkin in cakes, though in Singapore the more common pumpkin cakes we eat are the salty kind. You know, the type we add waxed pork sausages, mushrooms and dried shrimp together with rice flour and steam it. From what I know, this is a Hokkien recipe. Match the steamed cake with some of my Dad’s home-made chilli sauce and hmmm..yum!

Back to the pumpkin butter cake…I followed the recipe but used 2 large loaf tins for baking. The result is this short cake. Haha. But what really frustrates me is whether I’m baking with roasted chestnuts, with yam, with sweet potatoes or even with pound cake that does not add baking powder, I almost always end up with a cake that looks like this:

See the compressed dense ribbon at the bottom of the cake? Arghh. It gets more dense at the centre of the cake. Sigh. Maybe it’s the eggs. Maybe it’s the flour. Maybe it’s me again. 😦 If I had used an 8 inch square tin, I think the dense part will be even worse. I really have to try to figure this puzzle out.

Other than the distressing dense part, the cake is good. The taste of the pumpkin is not very prominent though. What comes through is the fragrance of the butter. I used french butter for this recipe and the aroma is fantastic.


3 thoughts on “pumpkin butter cake

  1. Hi, I’m having the same problem and trying to figure out why, then I came across your blog. Have you figure out what seems to be the culprit for the dense bottom? =)

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