vanilla macadamia pecan cookies

What am I doing posting on a weekday?

Well, I’m waiting for my external auditor to come in and commence the most horrific 3 days in a year for me. Only 3 days?? We’re not that big a company and everything is so simple and straight forward.

So in the meantime, I took a picture with my iPhone and decided to do some personal blog posting instead of work. I’m going to start suffering for the next 3 days in about 2 hours time. I figure I deserve a little break. Arghh..I hate audit!

I baked these babies last Sunday. I baked a lot of things last Sunday. But by now if you regularly visit this blog you’d realise my posts are all pre-dated. In fact, I’ve got posts lined up all the way to June! That’s because I reduced my posting to once a week but I did not reduce my baking at all. 😛

This recipe is from Kitchen Gypsies. Using dry vanilla pudding mix is another first for me. The cookie is great! Not very crispy and slightly chewy. I used Ghirardelli white chips for this and wow…the vanilla smell is simply fabulous.

The recipe only called for half a cup of macadamia nuts but I added in another half a cup of pecan nuts as I liked my cookies nutty. Hehehe. Toasted the nuts in an oven toaster then bashed them up a bit with a stone pestle to crush them slightly. Saves the effort of breaking out the processor. The sugar was reduced to 135 grams for each type and the taste is just right for me.

Sobs..back to work. 😦


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