my loot part 1

Woohoo! My purchases from Amazon US has arrived via vPost! So happy!

1) Joy the Baker cookbook

I’ve been drooling over this cookbook for a while, but have been unable to find it in the usual bookshops I frequent. Hence, I decided to buy this from Amazon.

It is a beautiful, thoughtful book full of easy recipes that a novice like me can attempt. I love the gorgeous pictures and the snippets of Joy’s experiences and thoughts with each recipe. This book is going to bed with me tonight…

2) KitchenAid cover

Gorgeous red cover with compartments for my KA mixer. Love this! 🙂

3) Microplane home series grater

This is what has me excitedly checking the vPost website about delivery! Yes, this is readily available in Singapore, but the price! It costs about at least twice as much here. Zesting is about to reach a whole new level….

4) The Perfect Puree of Napa Valley

This was a mistake. A big mistake. Why? Because these puree have to be kept frozen. These 3 bottles have been subject to great torture never intended for them. I honestly didn’t know or I would not have bought these. Sigh.

Needless to say, they didn’t arrive in a good condition. In fact, the blood orange had exploded somewhere along the journey and some had leaked out. Sob. Now, they are sitting in my office fridge waiting for the work day to end.

I’m not too sure if the blood orange puree is still usable. I shall have to test.

Why did I buy these? Well, I thought the fruits are not easily available in Singapore. Imagine how I felt when I read somewhere that key limes are actually the small limes we have whole year round, which we use to enhance flavor in common hawker food like mee siam and hokkien prawn mee. Zzz. Is that right? I always thought key limes were somewhat larger than those small limes but smaller than the large Thai limes you see in supermarkets.

I hope I won’t discover meyer lemons and blood oranges are easily obtainable here too.


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