warm chocolate cake

I am so in need of chocolate. Really rich, sinful, great tasting chocolate…not the wimpy type either. It has to be at least 70% cocoa.

Yeah yeah, it’s just an excuse to feast as usual. Well, I have been feeling a bit more down than usual. Ha..blue has been my color lately. Any more blue and I think I can get my own hut in Smurf Village.

So the only “cure” that I can try is to make a warm chocolate cake. This recipe uses chocolate with 70% cocoa. I used my precious Valrhona Guanaja 70% stash for this. It’s a really simple and easy recipe. The trick comes when you have to unearth the chocolate cake from the ramekin to the plate.

I failed once. The cake plopped down from a height and promptly cracked, with all the chocolate lava spewing left, right and centre. Sigh. So this time, I got smarter and placed the plate directly over the ramekin, then knocking it slightly to loosen it. Out it came. Yeah…time for medicine..

 Excuse the off focus. The damn camera seemed to be having a blue day too. It insisted on focusing on the front part of the lava, no matter how many times I tried. Mine is not a DSLR. Sigh. 

Yummm..warm gooey chocolate cake!

What the…I think the recipe doesn’t taste very rich! I prefer my warm chocolate cake richer in taste. Hmm, maybe it’s because I’m in a freaking lousy mood now so nothing tastes rich enough. My mum likes it though.

The recipe is here, from Noob Cook.


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