plainly perfect pound cake

Heartbreak…what is it about heartbreak that makes you feel like someone  is squeezing your heart so tight you can hardly breathe? Like there is a stone inside..a permanent ache that never goes away…a sore spot that when touched instantly produces tears..

There is only one cure for heartbreak..time. The sick part is that time works so slowly and in the meantime, heartbreak saps your strength and robs you of your will.

I’m not looking for perfection. I’m just looking for faithfulness. Perfection died when the perfect Man, Jesus Christ, was nailed to the cross 2,000+ years ago, as a dear friend always said.

Since the perfect man does not exist, I decided to attempt to make a perfect pound cake. That is what the name of this pound cake is. Plainly perfect. I found this recipe by Tish Boyle from Kokken69’s blog. I further reduced the sugar to 170 grams. The baking time for this cake was 50 minutes for me. I left it there for another 8 minutes and it turned out slighly overdone. Nevertheless, the texture and taste is perfect. The fragrance of the lemon and orange zest is quite pronounced, due to the great tip I followed from Joy the Baker. Her tip is to rub zest into the sugar to release the oils. This really helps in making the fragrance more pronounced.

There are some slight dense spots in the cake. This is likely due to my temperamental oven (pun intended). I kept the temperature knob at 180 degrees C but the actual temperature of the oven varied between 150-160 degrees C. It would be best to bake the cake at 170 degrees C and check on it around 45 minutes into baking.

The weather is now as gloomy as me. Lord, please grant me the strength to get through the next few weeks.


2 thoughts on “plainly perfect pound cake

    • You are so kind…
      I am just a novice baker who loves eating, hence ventured into baking. My bakes are nothing compared to your creations! I hope to someday work up to playing with fondant. 🙂

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