sweet potato biscuits

I still have some mashed sweet potatoes left over even after making sweet potato pound cake. I scanned through my recipe files and found this recipe from Paula Deen through Food Network for sweet potato biscuits.

In Singapore, we seldom eat southern style biscuits and one of the few places you could buy any would be Popeyes. The biscuit at Popeye’s is a salty type rather than sweet.

It is an easy recipe which doesn’t require a mixer or rubbing in the butter and it is a great way to use up any leftover mashed sweet potatoes. Tastewise, I find there seems to be something missing. It is both sweet and salty. Maybe because the butter used is not much, I’m getting a floury taste as I eat this and I am thinking it might be better to add in some orange blossom water and reduce the amount of salt next time I make these.



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