nutella swirl bundt cake

You know how I used to think Nutella was pronounced? “Nut-tella”..that’s how I pronounced it. Heck, that’s how everyone I know of pronounces it.

So around 2 months back when I was surfing the net looking up recipes, I saw it was National Nutella Day on 5th February and everyone was busy blogging about Nutella and making cookies or cakes or other wonderful goodies with Nutella. At someone’s blog, there was a sentence teaching you how to pronounce Nutella. It should read “new-tella”. Duh. So all these years I’ve been mis-pronouncing it! Thank God everyone here knows what I’ve been talking about when I mention Nutella. Come to think of it, I’ve never had to ask a grocery store person where is the Nutella. Hmm. Wonder if they would understand me.

Nutella has always been the dream spread of my childhood. I loved it to bits. I could lick the entire jar clean. But, fats aside, it was considered very “heaty” food to us. I was particularly susceptible to heaty stuff when I was young. A single bowl of soup kambing (lamb soup) was enough to cause my nose to bleed. My parents of course restricted such food and to me it was a luxury.

This wonderful recipe is from My Kitchen in the Rockies. It must be so cool to be living up in the mountains. Pun not intended. I dearly love nature, though I know it isn’t easy living far from town and if I had a chance to do so I’d probably be freaking out at night at every other bug that crosses my way.’s a city-woman-in-a-small-country’s dream.

I’m not too sure was I acting smart again with this recipe, since it did turn out all right, but when I finished putting in all the flour, the batter really seemed a bit thick. So I added around 1 1/2 tablespoons of milk. This could be the reason for the moist crumbly texture of the cake. Plus, I had to bake this for around 1 hour 5 minutes. The cake looked so dark. My father was snickering in the background and going on and on about the black cake. (Dad, stop it!)

I admit I was a bit apprehensive and thought the cake burnt. But the smell was fine. It was definitely not the burnt cake smell.

You can see the Nutella swirl quite clearly and the moist texture of the cake. I think if you do not like your cake too moist and crumbly, there is no need to add the milk like I did. The cake was still set nicely in spite of the additional milk and I was able to cut this without much trouble, though I had to keep cleaning the knife when I was cutting as the Nutella kind of stuck to it, though the cake was already cooled down.

The taste is good and not sweet because I did the usual reduction, though I think I would prefer more Nutella in it. Hehe. Probably pay back for all those years of being deprived when I was young. Incidentally, I’ve got a colleague who lost weight on a diet of Nutella with 2 slices of bread for lunch. There I was on Herbalife, drinking my shakes and dutifully eating healthier in order to lose weight. Then she actually loses weight eating Nutella! How simply annoying….bzzzzzzzz…


One thought on “nutella swirl bundt cake

  1. Hi, Thanks for featuring one of our favorite Bundt cakes. Yes, it is pretty cool to live close to nature. I wouldn’t talk just about bugs, but also about coyotes, elk, dear and the occasional bear.
    Greetings from Colorado and Happy Baking.

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