cream scones

I just got back from a short trip to Hong Kong with my dear sister on Monday. It was really a mad eating trip, squeezed in with some intensive exercise (besides jaw and stomach exercise) through hiking and shopping. Imagine eating at least 5 meals a day. My stomach was going “gimme a break already…”.

Hiking in Hong Kong? Most people who go for a short trip would never consider this. But we’ve been there a few times and so thought to do something unusual. Ended up biting off more than we could chew. The most we could walk was half-way through the long hike at Tai Long Wan. We nearly died climbing the steep slopes. Huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed our way up.

The funniest part is, we met a group of HK seniors who were on a hiking gathering with their pals. There we were, the 2 younger ones, almost dead from all that walking. Then the seniors breezed past us and still managed to chat loudly all the way. Zzz. So we slunk off mid-way with our aching lungs and legs, called it a day and booked ourselves 2 seats on the speedboat back to Sai Kung.

So what has the scone got to do with this? Absolutely nothing. Just felt like reminiscing about the funny part of the trip. Anyway back to Singapore, me and my sister started planning for Mothers’ Day celebrations. My brother-in-law’s and my birthday also falls in May. Traditionally, birthdays in my family are celebrated with a meal. My sister was recently quite taken with the idea of scones and tea and she was researching like mad.

“Bee, so far which place you’ve eaten have the best scones?”

My quick answer: “From my own kitchen.” Muahahaha.

Yes, of course there are places that sell good tasting scones. I recall Ritz Carlton Millenia’s Chihuly Lounge does a mean scone. Served with clotted cream, it is fattening but good. But when we tried to make a booking, it was full. That is how popular this weekend afternoon tea buffet is, even though the price is not cheap at S$48+++ per person. Weekday tea is not a buffet, but is an 8 course set. This sets you back by S$42+++ per person. I figured the buffet sounds more reasonable, at S$6+++ extra.

Early this morning at 6.30am,  to tide her over till we manage somehow to go for tea sometime later, I made her some scones.  I spotted Dorie Greenspan’s recipe for cream scones from Chubby Hubby’s website and made them. I followed the recipe almost exactly, except I used around 83 grams of unsalted butter (all I had left from a block so I used it all instead of leaving a miserable 12 grams behind), used a biscuit cutter to cut out scones, omitted the currants as I had none and brushed milk on top before baking. The result is really satisfying. These are truly great scones. Rich and creamy in taste, yet light and crumbly in texture, I personally think there is no need for clotted cream. 😛 I am perfectly happy with a large knob of quality salted butter and some fruit jam.

My sister is now off shopping at Medi-Ya for clotted cream, where I told her I saw they had some last time. Our Mother’s Day plan has changed from tea to lunch to late lunch and now to dinner. Yes, it’s tonight. Yes, we’re early. That is because next weekend I’ll be in Penang and the weekend after next is Mother’s Day weekend, which means restaurants charge more but more importantly, where you cannot go to a decent place to eat without encountering crowds and chaos. So it’s this weekend. My mother doesn’t mind. Hehe. I’ll treat her to my home-made scones. 😉


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