japanese cotton cheesecake

Oh I am so pleased!

My first Japanese cotton cheesecake turned out well, thank God! I haven’t made many cakes that requires the folding of egg whites to the rest of the ingredients. So I was a bit jittery and kind of worried I’d overmixed the batter.

This recipe is a tried and tested many times recipe orginally from Diana’s Desserts, which I spotted at Little Teochew’s website. Seeing that she had blogged about this 3 times, I decided this must be a fantastic recipe. It certainly is.

Following Little Teochew’s adaptations, I didn’t add in the lemon juice. The tangy taste of the cream cheese is quite apparent in the cake. Her tips also made things so much easier for me. Check out her fabulous pictures and tips.

Because of her great tip to reduce the speed of the mixer whilst beating the egg whites, my cake texture was quite fine. So happy. 🙂

I chilled the cake before trying a slice. I could hardly believed I had made this! Hehehehe. It tasted quite similar to the cheesecakes that can be bought from the Japanese restaurants.

This is one cake I’ll be making again and again and again….


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