steamed moist chocolate cake with condensed milk chocolate fudge

Happy Labour Day!

Hmm..Labour Day, but it is a holiday. Hmm.

Not that I’m complaining. Hehe.

I had 4 eggs sitting on the counter that I had to use before galloping off to Penang this Friday. I’ve been on a chocolate binge lately and decided to continue on chocolate “binge-ing” and made 2 steamed moist chocolate cakes.

I’ve made this once before and the recipe link is here. This time round I used Lady General brand of condensed milk to make the fudge coating.

As advised at Little Teochew’s blog, this brand is more suitable since it will not result in a runny fudge. The fudge held up well and so far has not run, though it has been almost an hour since I coated the cakes.

I’m bringing the cake to work tomorrow. 🙂

Have a happy holiday break!

P.S: The final decorated cake slice. The comment is the cake is slightly hard but I figure it is because I kept it in the fridge and the commenter ate the cake immediately upon taking out the cake. So if you do keep the cake in the fridge, I suggest to take out the cake at least 15 minutes before serving.


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