I made avocado pound cake again, using the same recipe from Joy the Baker.

The last time I made this cake, I didn’t use enough avocado and I substituted buttermilk with creme fraiche. This resulted in a more yellow than green colored avocado pound cake and it looked kind of weird, though it tasted okay.

This time I used buttermilk and made sure to use 1 cup of ripe mashed avocado. The color of the cake became green and the texture of the cake was moist and crumbly.

I used Bob’s Red Mill’s fine grind corn meal last time and I remembered there was this gritty bite in the cake. To try to reduce the grittiness, I combined the buttermilk with the corn meal about half an hour before using. This idea came about watching someone making corn bread on Youtube. The cook soaked corn meal in milk.

The result? There is actually no change that I can sense. There is still the gritty bite in each mouthful and perhaps for this recipe, it would be better to use really fine powder corn meal that one can get from Phoon Huat. Or substitute the corn meal with almond meal.

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