cream cheese pound cake

My perseverance has finally paid off. This is my third attempt at making cream cheese pound cake.

You would think it’s a fairly simple cake to attempt, especially since I own a KA mixer.

Erm..I think it could be called a case of recipe-not-working-out and my bull-headedness combined together.

I tried very hard to follow to Paula Deen’s cream cheese pound cake recipe. I got it from RecipeGirl. I tried it 2 times. Both times it failed so spectacularly I could not bring myself to take a picture without wailing. Since I didn’t want to wail because of a failed cake at my age, I didn’t take a picture. Haha.

What happened? The cake fell so flat it could be a stone. Both times! After the first failure, I beat the mixture longer, thinking it could be lack of air in the cake. Nope. Still fell flat. I finally concluded the acidity in the cake batter was preventing the cake from rising properly.

Thus I followed the tried and tested recipe at Joy of Baking. Her recipe is almost the same, except baking powder and baking soda are included. Success at last! I wasted more than half a kg of cream cheese and french butter making 2 stone cakes. Duh. This is due to my pure bull-headedness, refusing to acknowledge defeat easily. I kept at it because I liked the idea the recipe did not use any leavening agents.

I do have a thought about Paula Deen’s recipe. Many comments state the cake does not rise properly when made in a bundt tin, which I did. But when I tried baking some of the second cake in mini loaf pans, it didn’t work as well. The cake always rise very nicely, cracks, then whether I left it in the oven to cool or took it out, will fall flat and turn very hard.

I wonder if I should try it this way, would it work? Beat eggs with sugar until light and fluffy, melt cream cheese and butter and drizzle in, add vanilla extract and finally add in the flour. You think workable? One thing..can cream cheese melt easily? Hmmmm…


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