doree’s banana bread

I came across blogger Eat, Play, Love’s quest for the best banana bread some time back whilst sniffing around for good banana bread recipes.

The quest seems so fun! But I couldn’t do that, because being alone kind of takes the fun out of this type of quest. Not many share my enthusiasm for baking and I couldn’t possibly keep eating banana bread or sending off parcels and parcels of banana bread with my mum to her office. 😛

So I’m lucky that I stumbled across their blog. They have done the hard work and I just “reap” their rewards. 🙂

This bread is from their friend Doree. It is really easy to assemble this bread and the bread comes out soft, moist and amazing. You have to use quite a bit of bananas in this recipe. The bananas I used are the typical “red-fleshed” banana commonly found in Singapore. I actually bought them almost 2 weeks ago, let them sit outside for 3 days to ripen fully, then chucked it into a bag and stuck it in the fruits compartment of the fridge.

Today when I took them out in the morning to come to room temperature, they were slightly dark and yet not fully black. Even so, my mum gave me an astonished look when she saw I was using them to bake. “No worries, ma, it is meant to be like that.” I could tell she wasn’t very convinced.

The taste of the banana stands out in this recipe, so you have to make sure to use well ripened bananas. Between this banana bread and the one from Flour’s, I think I still prefer Flour’s. Perhaps it’s the flavor and scent of cinnamon and bananas that I love. My mum thinks this banana bread tastes better.


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