sweet caroline’s banana bread

This is the second banana bread I decided to try from Eat, Play, Love’s quest for the best banana bread.

I used 10 medium sized (around 6 inches in length each) well ripened bananas for this recipe. I chose this recipe instead of the other recipe tied in number 1 with Doree’s banana bread because this recipe contains cinnamon. Cinnamon and bananas…hmm…my favorite!

The recipe also includes nutmeg. The fragrance of the cinnamon and bananas overpowers the nutmeg though. Due to the 10 bananas added, the bread is quite sweet though I reduced the sugar by 30%. I find it totally acceptable. Hehe. The bread is really moist and soft and the walnuts adds crunch and a nutty flavor to each bite. My dad likes it. So do I.

The only irritating part about this recipe was the walnuts. I followed the instructions, though I spread the walnuts over the top around 20 minutes into baking. I was lazy and used a long deep loaf pan instead of 2 large  loaf pans. Due to my laziness, the bread swelled over the tin and even though it resulted in a beautifully-shaped dome resembling a bread loaf (phew), the shape caused the walnuts to keep tumbling down during baking (darn it).

I had to keep opening the oven to quickly retrieve the fallen pieces or they would burn and the smell is horrible. Even though I did this, there remains some burnt walnut stains at the bottom of my oven which will take at least 3 to 5 rounds of baking to clean totally. Sigh. So beware of those falling walnut bits. Me thinks it would be best to use a large loaf tin and fill it up at most 2/3 of the way and try to chuck in the walnuts while the batter is still watery. I didn’t do that as I read from somewhere, if you open the oven less than 20 minutes into the baking time, the cake/bread may fall. So I didn’t try. The recipe instructs to open halfway through the baking. I was wondering how it would stick to the sides, since I guess only the centre will crack and swell up.

The walnuts also made it a pain to cut. By the time I finished cutting, more than half of the walnuts had fallen off. What a waste! Double darn. Just fold in the walnuts next time!


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