clinton street baking company pancakes part 2

I made these for lunch. 🙂

This time was a bit different. Firstly, I purchased a Tefal saucepan around 7 inches in diameter to make these.

Secondly, I added blueberries in the pancake. Thirdly, I purposely made the pancakes thicker.

When I made them the first time, I was using a much bigger pan and thus had to make them as 3 inch pancakes. The taste was really good and I got very good reviews from those who ate them. So I thought to try to make them bigger and thicker this time.

This really is a very fluffy pancake. I can taste the difference between these and other pancakes this time round. Making them bigger, I could see why everyone who made them raved about the fluffiness.

I got a weird habit. I cannot eat anything sweet as a main course and not start to crave for something salty. Hehe. So here is the “side dish” to my pancake lunch:

If these aren’t salty enough, there must be something wrong with my tastebuds. Muahahaha.

A very satisfying lunch…

*Burp* (Excuse me..)


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