vanilla cupcakes with creme au beurre

As mentioned in my previous post, I made another type of vanilla cupcakes and frosted them with creme au beurre from Daily Delicious.

Unlike italian meringue cream which uses egg white only, this cream uses a whole egg. I reduced the sugar to 60 grams and still found it sweet. Sigh. This creme tastes more buttery than the other buttercream I’ve made so far. So my favorite is still italian meringue buttercream.

When I was making this creme, I thought I had messed it up somehow, like I did with the salted caramel frosting I tried to do for my sister’s party. As I was adding butter, by the 3rd addition, the creme was reduced to a watery puddle at the bottom of the mixer bowl. I was thinking, “Oh God, what did I do wrong?” and was considering to just stop adding the butter.

However, thankfully, I did not stop. After adding all the butter, the watery creme had stiffened somewhat and started resembling frosting. Phew. Forgive me if you feel I’m being melodramatic. It’s the first time I’m trying this creme au beurre and the instructions didn’t state to anticipate some watery puddle before it firms up. Ha.

As for the cupcakes, the recipe is from Glorious Treats. Her perfect vanilla cupcakes are..simply..perfect. No kidding. The cake is moist, soft and fluffy. I’ve made quite a number of vanilla cupcakes so far and this one really impresses. The amazing thing is no butter is used. Oil is used instead of butter and it really makes a big difference. There is no worry about losing flavor if not using butter, especially since this is a cupcake recipe and cupcakes are intended to be frosted. So far most of the frostings I’ve come across all contain butter, so when paired with this cupcake, it is just perfect! Healthier too, since not so much butter per cupcake. 😛


2 thoughts on “vanilla cupcakes with creme au beurre

    • Thanks for the kind compliments. I find myself unable to stop gasping in wonder when i see your posts! Hehehehe. 🙂 Sure will be nice to see u in action, dolling up the cakes. A video someday maybe? 😛

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