bloomin’ brilliant brownies

This brownie lives up to it’s name. It is bloomin’ brilliant!

This is the first Jamie Oliver recipe I’ve attempted. I must say it turned out okay, though I thought I’d destroyed this somehow.

After mixing up all the ingredients, the batter started..erm..turning liquid. I should say it started oozing oil? Or the fat started coming out? Whatever. I still stuck the pan in the oven and dismally watched the batter ‘fry’ in the oven.

I’ve overbaked this, resulting in a slightly drier brownie. On hindsight I think it’d be good to stick to the baking time recommended by Jamie Oliver.

Besides adding in some crushed pistachio nuts, I added in about 2 tablespoons of cocoa nibs from Valrhona. This resulted in an intensely chocolate, slightly nutty flavor. I did reduce the sugar a bit and the taste of the 70% chocolate really shone through. Paired with creamy vanilla ice-cream, the sweetness is just right.

Maybe it’s me, but I feel everytime I take good quality chocolate, I feel my emotional well-being is given a happy boost. I’m so greedy but unfortunately am unable to take much due to heatiness of chocolate.

Do give this recipe a go and get yourself bloomin’ happy. 🙂


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