reine de saba

This is my dad’s birthday cake.

Yeah, the king of the house is getting a Queen of Sheba cake. I guess I should be looking for a cake named after a king instead. He likes it though, so… nevermind…there aren’t many cakes named after kings. 😛

This famous cake is from Julia Child, the very tall, talented chef. There have been many posts in foodgawker lately, in celebration of her 100th birthday.

Why did I choose this cake for my dad’s birthday? Hmm, it’s a chocolate cake and my dad loves chocolate. It contains rum and since my dad loves liquor of any type, I figure this cake will be right up his alley.

I didn’t make this cake very well. Firstly, I didn’t beat the egg white stiff enough and it was as I was adding it then I realised. Secondly, I read the instructions wrongly and didn’t end up alternating the egg white with flour whilst folding into the egg yolk mixture. In fact I totally forgot about the flour. I folded in all the egg white, then as I walked to the oven to check the temperature (thankfully before I put in the cake), I saw the sifted flour sitting there and it was a moment of “Arghhh..”. 

The cake did rise, but not as much as it would have if I’d make this correctly.

Nevertheless, this is one fantastic tasty chocolate almond cake. Love the nutty taste and the subtle hint of rum. I used Valrhona Equatoriale 55% chocolate and Myer’s Dark Rum for this recipe. I reduced the sugar for the cake to 100 grams.

I also made the chocolate butter icing as per Ms. Child’s recipe. The super hot weather in Singapore now really causes the icing to be a bit runny.

Recipe is by Julia Child and spotted from BS’ In the Kitchen. Out of so many blogs, this one caught my interest as it was the husband who baked this cake, when his wife was out of town. And yup, it was his first time baking. 😉


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