almost vegan chocolate avocado cake


What a lousy day for me…almost everything I attempted to bake failed horribly. A brownie, a castella…sob…

The brownie was made using avocado too. But perhaps the amount of avocado used was too much. I used 2 medium ones as per the recipe and it failed. The brownie did set but the inside was really fudgy and it tasted terrible. 😦

For the castella, the eggs I bought from the supermarket could have been old ones. I beat the eggs as usual but 1 hour 45 minutes later the volume still had not reached the desired consistency. Frustrated, I went ahead and boy, it was a mistake! The cake didn’t rise much and was much too dense.

Both brownie and cakes fed the dustbin. A bad day for me but a happy day for the bin.

My last baking for this week before I called it a break (since it was my cursed baking day), was this vegan chocolate avocado cake. The recipe was first sighted at Joy the Baker and originally from Vegetarian in the Middle East. I read through comments by other baker bloggers and noted that the cake could be slightly chewy, though the taste of avocado was not detectable in the cake.

I reduced the sugar to 300 grams and used a combination of 150 grams of dark brown sugar and 150 grams of granulated white sugar. Instead of 2 cups of water, I used 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of water. I also increased the amount of cocoa powder used from 44 grams to around 60 grams and used pure vanilla extract.

What is delightful about this recipe is no fancy equipment need be used. Just 2 mixing bowls, a whisk, a sieve, a rubber spatula and the weighing equipment (cups, spoons or scale). The cake is really moist and quite chewy. The taste reminds me of the steamed moist chocolate cake but does not taste as rich, probably due to the absence of butter and chocolate fudge frosting made with condensed milk.

My personal preference is still the steamed moist chocolate cake. Guess I’m a non-vegan through and through. 😛


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