french buttercream

I tried another type of buttercream.

Let’s far I’ve made italian meringue buttercream, swiss meringue buttercream, creme au beurre, the standard buttercream using butter and icing and whipped buttercream.

French buttercream is using the same method as italian meringue buttercream but instead of egg whites, egg yolks are used. Corn syrup is added as well as sugar to give that incredible shine. This cream is perfect if you are making up a batch of italian meringue buttercream and you have egg yolks to spare. Make a batch of french buttercream!

Both can be kept in the fridge for a week or up to 3 months in the freezer. The recipe can be found here. I reduced the sugar to 80 grams and the corn syrup to 100ml. Still tastes a bit too sweet for me.

Texture wise is is smooth and more dense than italian meringue buttercream. Not too sure if I’ve done it not very well, but since it is denser, it is not as ‘piping-friendly’ as italian meringue buttercream. Hmm. Good thing I’m using this batch for swiss rolls. Ha. Those will be posted in Oct. Yes. My posts have already been scheduled all the way to Oct!


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