japanese dark pearl chiffon cake

My first ever chiffon cake! Hehehe.

I’ve been quite apprehensive of baking a chiffon cake. I know I’ve got lousy folding skills and I tend to either over or under fold the batter. But…practise makes perfect so I have to start somewhere.

What attracted me about this recipe is that it uses melted chocolate. Some chocolate chiffon cake uses only cocoa powder. This one uses both.

The top of the cake was horribly domed and cracked. I was surfing the net to figure out why and I think the oven temperature was too hot. I do have an oven thermometer but I think the area where I stick the thermometer is not as hot as the rest. My table-top oven is old and smallish, so I really don’t have much space.

The taste is moist and chocolaty. I didn’t reduce the sugar as I had used a mix of 55%  and 72% chocolate and figured it’d taste too bitter if I reduced the sugar. This chiffon cake is a chocoholic’s cake!

I tried my best at folding the mixture well but there were still some chocolate streaks within the cake.

I’m going to attempt a pandan chiffon cake soon. 🙂 

Recipe is from Bakericious.


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