pandan chiffon cake

My second chiffon cake attempt. Glad it turned out all right.

Surfing the net for a pandan chiffon cake recipe is no mean feat. There are many many recipes available and it can get quite overwhelming. This one uses more flour, that one uses more egg whites and on and on.

This cake is special. It uses a homemade concentrated pandan juice and more coconut milk than other recipes. No oil is added. It relies on the oil in the coconut milk to keep the cake moist.

See how moist the cake is? I’ve been reading the cookbooks by 孟老师 and one of the methods recommended by her is, after the egg whites are beaten to stiff peaks on high speed, to use low speed to beat it for a minute before using. This is to reduce the size of the air bubbles in the meringue mixture and will result in a cake with finer crumb texture with no large air pockets.

So far this worked well. Watching her DVDs, I am totally awed by the ease with which she makes such gorgeous cakes. I bought almost all of her cookbooks available at Popular Bookshop.

This pandan chiffon cake without oil recipe is from Wendy at Table for 2…or more. She is another awesome, clever and creative baker. The concentrated pandan juice method is also from her. Using this method, no artificial coloring need be added to get the gorgeous green color.

This cake exudes a very strong coconut fragrance. Not too sure is it the pandan leaves I used were not mature enough or too old but the pandan fragrance is not very pronounced. I shall try again with the concentrated pandan juice.

To make the juice, it really takes quite a bit of time and effort but the end results are definitely worth it, particularly when you think of all the artificial coloring in store-bought pandan paste or essence.

1 Pandan Cake recipe down……countless more to go…..:P


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